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To continuously increase our contribution to the economies of our country where we work while preserving our feature of being an enterprise which implements the tasks it undertakes with great success in quality and execution time; to be a company whose involvement is desired by its customers; to be a company that retains a reasonable profit margin from its undertakings; and to be a group with which its employees are proud to be associated.


Why We Will Succeed – Salient Points :


  • Greater Business Insight.
  • Better, more aggressive business models.
  • Better management structures involved.
  • Better quality.
  • Right pricing.
  • Better finance management.
  • Greater revenue and profitability models.
  • Part of a greater business venture with long term plans for the market.




Our sense of duty is TO CONSTRUCT A BEST ENVIRONMENT FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE WORLD. We endeavor constantly to achieve the satisfaction of our customers with a mind-set firmly rooted in meeting the requirements that arise in daily life. We seek to be pioneers in the construction of new value, continuously pushing forward. MAA LAND GROUP holds that it is very important to respect diversity in views and ideas, and to value the bond of people and the natural environment.


Human Resources:


We know that success comes through people. We endeavor to add value to everything we accomplish. We understand the fundamental role that each one of us has, in meeting the needs of the company we serve. We respect the rights and self-esteem of our family members.




» Aiming to support MAA LAND GROUP, to accomplish its vision & values, Human Resources Management Policies are to:
» Advance the strategic goals and benefit of our company,
» Be responsive to the varying requirements of employees, management & government linked entities,
» Establish and uphold MAA LAND GROUP's reputation as a preferred company,
» Maintain a workplace culture in which there is mutual reliance and admiration,
where all employees feel valued, are listened to and are able to contribute their most excellent efforts to achieve our mission,
» Appoint the individual who is best qualified for the position. We pride ourselves as an equal opportunity company and welcome applications of all competent candidates regardless of race, language, religion, sex, color and physical disabilities.
» Be a strong advocate of promoting people. We only consider external sources after ascertaining that the open position cannot be filled by an employee of MAA LAND GROUP.
» Know and obey with the laws and guidelines relevant to the functions performed.
» Commit to ensuring that all people know what is expected of them in their jobs and are helped to widen their capabilities through constructive performance evaluations, training and career development.













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